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A Fortune 1000 company traded on the New York Stock Exchange, now privately held, that is among the largest providers of mortgage-related services in the industry. For this entity and its indirect subsidiaries and other affiliated companies, Berger Singerman LLP serves as lead national counsel in connection with a variety of regulatory and litigation matters in various State and Federal courts across the country. The matters, which include a number of putative class actions, involve various challenges to the validity and enforceability of loan and mortgage-related documents as asserted by borrowers and governmental agencies, and claims for damages based upon such documents. Berger Singerman’s representation has resulted in the settlement of claims of deceptive and unfair trade practices asserted by State AGs in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. We have also secured the involuntary dismissal of 13 class action cases, two of which were brought by local governmental entities in various States.

  • Several private for profit universities being investigated by the Florida Attorney General for deceptive trade practices and sued by a putative class action group of plaintiffs. The matters resulted in favorable settlements and dismissal of the class action cases.
  • Providers of services sold on the internet being investigated for fraudulent billing via telephone accounts (“cramming”) by various state and federal governmental entities.
  • Non-profit and governmental agencies involved in housing issues investigated by HUD and a local government inspector general.
  • Receivership representation, where Florida state and federal courts have appointed receivers during investigations by the FTC and by the Florida Attorney General.
  • Clean energy company seeking a clarifying legal opinion from the Florida Attorney General regarding use of public funds to promote the economic development of clean energy industry.
  • Preventing federal and state criminal indictments of individuals and businesses in the automobile financing, nutraceutical, and clean energy industries.